About Me

about me

Hello there i am a Local Bangalorean, Bengalurava and recently Bengalurean after this name change, not just born & brought up here but spend a lot of time in traveling around to different nooks and corner of Bengaluru, being a professional property consultant for more than a decade my job is all about traveling and meeting new people everyday, and this website "Life in Bangalore" is my way of presenting you the way i see Bangalore with various photo galleries, videos, property reviews, neighborhood news as well as some real estate secrets, I will try to provide a realistic & neutral view of the Property Markets and realty projects putting across both Buyers and sellers point of view in the most frank way as possible, also occasionally will be raising the problems we face as residents of this Mega City everyday regrading Infrastructure, planned and unplanned development.
Its all about Life in Bangalore..............

I Paid Bribe Bangalore

I Paid Bribe Bangalore
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