When a bout of Kushti united Hindus and Muslims of Bangalore


Agara Bangalore Wrestling Kushti Photo Gallery
World over islamic Month of Muharram is observed with various processions, special prayers, mourning's and community meetings in the remembrance of Martyrs of Karbala, but here in Agara, located adjacent in HSR Layout, the residents along with Muharram Processions also eagerly wait for the Grand Garadi / Kushti Competition (Traditional Indian Wrestling) which is organized by the Trustees of Noorani Masjid situated right next to the tallest Hanuman Statue in Bangalore and Garadi Mane Agara, it would require a whole New Article if I write about the secular friendship, peaceful co-existence, and amount of mutual respect and trust the Hindus and Muslims of Agara have for each other, and which sets a great example for the entire country, but in this article i would stick to the Kushti Competetion which was organized on 3rd November 2014.
For past many years it has been regularly organized with increasing fanfare and excitement, with active participation of Pehelwans (Wrestlers) from Bangalore and neighboring towns, this year it was the best so far, it started after Afternoon Namaz, with Junior Pehelwans, then Old vs Young, then shifted to Professionals, ending with Award Distribution. With cheering audiences like Agara Government School Kids and Hundreds of Locals it was an exciting bout to witness. Do share your comments below. For more information about Kushti / Garadi in Bangalore you can visit Kushti Blog . In case you are a resident of HSR Layout and have interest in Garadi/Kushti you can take free clasess from the Active Garadi Mane located opposite Hanuman Temple in Agara.

Alawa Muharram Bangalore
Alawa (Fire Pit) for Muharram

Sweet meat stall bangalore
Delicious Sweet Meet Stall ready to Serve

Agara Noorani Masjid
Agara Noorani Masjid

Kushti Ring
Lathered in oil, the wrestlers getting ready to step into the mud — which is of reddest clay obtained from the outskirts of the city — mixed with ayurvedic oils, kumkum and flowers

bangalore kushti
Junior Wrestlers started the Kushti

Agara Government School
Cheering School Kids were Great Audience

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  1. I was searching for some information regarding Kushti and Indian wrestling Centers in Bengaluru and came across your website the story is really inspiring, you will see more such Hindu-Muslim celebrations if you come to interiors of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar where i belong to.


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