Crocodile therapy makes BBMP to act on a Pothole


bangalore crocodile
People driving on sultanpalya main road, RT Nagar were surprised and scared to find a Large crocodile in a 15 foot pothole which they usually avoid every day to pass this road, it turned out to be a novel idea to protest against BBMP apathy.
Frustrated by the failure of the BBMP to repair a giant pothole and a broken water pipe in the middle of the main road, our city-based artist, Baadal Nanjundaswamy, planted a 20 kg life-sized crocodile in the 15-feet-long pothole and painted the pothole green, and later shared the images on social media and Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook page, while embarrassed BBMP  was quick enough to take notice and repair the pothole next day! hope they also reimburse the artist who spent about Rs.6000 of his personal money in bringing the attention to this public cause. Photo Credits Badal Nanjundaswamy
sultanpalya pothole
Pothole before Crocodile made it home!

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