Somasundarapalya Lake HSR Layout Pollution Video


Somasundarapalya Lake (Haralakunte) is a small water body located at the end of 24th main HSR Layout 2nd sector, neglected for long recently BDA has undertaken fencing of this lake, originally it was 16 Acres Lake now it is reduced to a small pond of just 2 acres, other than sewage water the adjoining KCDC plant has also damaged the lake ecosystem heavily with slush and pollutants entering the pond during rains resulting in water turning black, even the fencing is not proper, as clearly shown in this video the shoreline of the lake is used as a dump-yard for putting construction debris.

While in other parts of Bangalore Govt is busy demolishing houses for recovering non-existing lake beds the apathy towards  existing lakes is not good.
Somasundarapalya Lake HSr Layout
Somasundarapalya Lake
BDA Board Declaring Somasundarapalya / Haralakunte Lake
BDA Board Declaring Somasundarapalya / Haralakunte Lake

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