Indiranagar 100Ft Road- High Street of Fashion Album


Provogue Indiranagar 100ft road
Provogue Showroom Indiranagar 100ft Road - Ten More Photos Below
Indiranagar 100 Feet Road, officially Dr.S.K Kareem Khan Road is one of the upscale roads of Bangalore figuring in the costliest places to rent out. No wonder it has only these High-profile tenants who can afford such rents. Like many other commercial streets there are best of multi-cuisine restaurants, food-courts, outlets of international brands, a Starbucks cafe etc  but one thing that makes this road standout is presence of the largest number of Leading Fashion Brands in one Single street.
You name it and they have a showroom on this stretch, adding that with its wide footpaths, tree-lined avenues Indiranagar is not only home to Bangalore's rich and famous but also to many famous Brands from the fashion world, today we present you the gallery of some of these select Brands here on Life in Bangalore.
Bossini Indiranagar 100ft road
Bossini-Forever New

Arrow Indiranagar 100ft road

Jhon Players Indiranagar 100ft road
Jhon Players

Lee Indiranagar 100ft road

Dockers Indiranagar 100ft road

Levis Indiranagar 100ft road

Pepe Jeans Indiranagar 100ft road
Pepe Jeans

Satyapaul Indiranagar 100ft road

UCB Indiranagar 100ft road
United Colors of Benetton


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  1. This road has been renamed as Dr. S.K Kareem Khan Road, Dr Kareem Khan was a native of Karnataka, India. Dr Khan made the language and culture of Karnataka, India his cause-majore.During India's freedom struggle, he brought to bear the power of his pen and oratory, and faught alongside major Gandhian personalities. Leading by example, he strove towards a seamless integration of Muslim and Hindu culture and spiritual practice. He actively contributed to the recording, chronicling, composition and recital of Kannada folk art, dance and poetry and their modern expression through movies.

    1. @Rishad thanks for the comment i have updated my post with the information


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