Beautiful Hulimavu Lake Video


Day before yesterday i had the opportunity to visit Hulimavu Lake, it is one of the few lakes which are full of clear water all around the year, with many aquatic birds as seen in this video, with its Deep Valley like Topography surrounded by Hillocks of Kammanahalli, Hulimavu and Akshayanagar, the View is mesmerizing as you approach the lake, the best view would be from Nitesh Hyde Park Side, but i visited the lake from Hiranandani Apartments.

The Small Hillock on the western-side towards Hiranandani Apartments is being quarried and the mud road looks like part of the lake bed whereas the eastern side road is well tarred about 60 feet wide as it faces BDA Layout of BTM Layout 6th stage, again this part of BDA Layout is in news recently for encroachment of Hulimavu tankbed, now coming back to the Hulimavu lake it is well protected with fencing towards north, south and eastern sides. With some cleanup in the shoreline around, this lake can serve the local communities as a nature walk trail, while kids will surely enjoy the aquatic birds.The Lake is surrounded by many skyscrapers within close radius like Valmark Apas, Nitesh Hyde Park, Hiranandani Hillcrest etc.

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  1. It is really beautiful i can hear the call of Birds


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