DLF Westend Heights Buyers Protest for delay in Possession of Flats


DLF Westend Heights Buyers Hunger Strike-Photo Album Below
DLF Westend Heights Buyers Hunger Strike-More Photos Album Below
Few days back we had updated about the Construction update of DLF Westend Heights located in Akshayanagar, Begur, BTM Layout extension, while the mega project has been delayed for more than 2 years, the delay in Possession has taken a toll on the Lives of the buyers who have payed more than 90% of the price for their Promised Heaven on Earth, out of some 2000 odd apartment buyers only about 100 families have got possession of their bare-shell flats, without any amenities like Gardens, Clubs, Pools that was advertised by DLF, If you want to know what a delay of 2 years is? consider all these flats were 2BHK (i am being fair with DLF here) and with amenities like these the monthly rent would be about Rs.18,000 per month (while a 3bhk would go for 22k+, again being fair with DLF!) multiply it by 24 months you get Rs.4,32,000, and then multiply this with roughly 1900 Apartments that is=Rs.82,08,00,000, yes it is 82 Crores+ of rent alone, on top of that add the interest being paid by these buyers for their Home loans you get few steps close to understand the burden and difficulties these families are facing who since friday (18-04-2015)  have sat on an indefinite Dharna.

This in not the first time the Westend Heights Buyers are protesting watch this Video for their previous protest in August 2013. Hope the new Real Estate regulation Bill will save the future buyers from these types of Troubles. Do share your comments below.
DLF Westend Heights Buyers Protest against the Builder
DLF Westend Heights Buyers Protest against the Builder

DLF Newtown buyer agitation
Protest Banners on the wall which were later removed by DLF Security

Bangalore Buyers Protest against Delay in Possession
Buyers Protest against Delay in Possession
Westend Heights Buyers Dharna
Westend Heights Buyers Dharna

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  1. Thank you for the bringing and highlighting our cause, still waiting for our abode


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